People Watching in Anzio



I’m sitting in an outdoor café called Bar Piccadilly in the downtown center of Anzio. I’m in shock that I can get this fabulous snack for less than four euros which is more or less four dollars. A large glass of Prosecco, a fabulous espresso, peanuts,chips, and olives to die for.


I have spent two days in Anzio,  and I have already fallen in love with this place. It is right on the Mediterranean sea and definitely has a resort feel to it.


Two important things have really interested me about Anzio. First, Nero had a villa on the coast, and the ruins are still visible. The museum has remarkable artifacts  from this villa.


Second, Anzio was  where are the Allied troops established a beachhead in Italy and fought a bloody battle, ultimately liberating Rome. This happened in January 1944, a few months before D-Day.



When you go to Anzio, and I highly recommend that you do, run, don’t walk to the beach restaurant called Maraschino’s. My Italian friend recommended this place and look how delightful it is!


I had a perfect salad with fresh tuna, and a plate of fresh fried squid that was a pleasure with every bite. Those of you who know me know that I do not like seafood, so you know that when I recommend this it is HUGE.

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