Jesus is Everywhere in Italy

Jesus is everywhere, period. Even underwater. This was pasted on a city wall in Florence.


I’d like to show you some of my favorite depictions of Jesus I’ve seen so far. Here is a Della Robbia terra-cotta of Jesus praying to the Father.


This sculpture is above a pizzeria now; probably in the past it was a small church. Jesus is being worshipped by the wise men.


Jesus is talking to the woman at well, telling her he is the Living Water. I couldn’t help but notice Jesus was barefoot.


This large painting was on a building hallway. Jesus is depicted as the lamb of God in the center. Nothing is as helpless as a newborn and that’s how Jesus chose to come to this earth.


Above a doorway in a hospital is this terra-cotta of Jesus and his mother Mary.


There’s a cool story to this picture of Jesus and Mary. The city of Pistoia was being being bombed in WWII but this street wasn’t touched. The inhabitants attribute their safety to this shrine on the street corner.


This beautiful half-painting, half-terra-cotta is Jesus blessing a woman. I stood there and pretended it was me he was blessing.


Michelangelo’s Pieta at the Vatican brought tears to my eyes, not only because of its aching beauty, but also thinking of Jesus’ willing sacrifice of his life for our sins.


I cried when I looked at God’s face in this painting, as he looked down on his sacrificed son, all for our sakes.


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