Former Chapel/School in Oughtershaw

church in Oughtershaw

Oughtershaw—a hamlet in the middle of nowhere high up in the wind-swept Yorkshire Dales. In the mid-1800s, Charles Woodd of Oughtershaw Hall lost his beloved wife Lydia. She was only 22 years old. He commissioned this chapel to be built in her honor. The famous Victorian artist, writer and critic John Ruskin is said to have designed it. Later it was used as a school, though it’s hard to imagine there being enough children in the area to warrant a school. This sad, unloved structure has been slowly decaying over the decades. This is how it looked in 2014. You’ll be amazed at what it looks like now–it’s being restored as a home. Follow the Smith’s progress on Instagram spuds.and.wooddm.

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