Tuscan Outdoor Markets


September in Tuscany. Great weather, less tourists (plus one–me!), ripe figs, grapes, pears, apples, and porcini mushrooms.


In the three weeks I have been here, I’ve tried to go to as many outdoor markets as I can. I plan to go to several more before I leave next month. Here are some of the interesting photos I’ve taken.

In the can are sardines or anchovies and the long pieces of fish are codfish.


I haven’t tasted these zucchini flowers but they are supposed to be good. I noticed by the end of the day they are wilted.

IMG_2172This pig head is resting, I assume in the rest of his or her body. I didn’t get a slice of pork but I have to say it looks delicious (really!)IMG_2173

That is one one large salami!


When you cut into those ugly slabs of meat hanging from meat shops, this is the delicious meat hiding inside.IMG_2176

Another pig! It looks kind of sad in this picture, but I had no such feelings as I took a photo. The sign behind the man is advertising lampredotto, which is tripe.IMG_2177A lot of herbs are sold, along with these lovely flowers and bushes.IMG_1546

Fresh cheese made by this man. He handed me a huge piece of buffalo mozzarella to try and I ate it all with great pleasure. I would’ve liked to try all of the varieties. I’m especially interested in the one with black peppers? Capers? I wish I had asked him.

IMG_1547In the bag at the upper left are mixed vegetables to make minestrone, the seller told me. The zucchini flowers are still attached to the zucchini.IMG_1646

These truffles weren’t at the market; in fact, I haven’t seen them yet for sale. I think it’s not quite time for them. These were displayed in front of a restaurant, tempting people to come in and try their truffle dishes. IMG_2004

The sun on these grapes make the colors more vibrant, and I think the display in straw baskets is delightful.IMG_3086

I have seen many pomegranate trees in people’s yard, heavy laden with fruit.


These are chanterelle or girolle mushrooms. Maybe they are called Galletti in Italian because they look like little pieces of fried chicken.IMG_3088

Dried tomatoes. I don’t know what the fruits are to the right–maybe some fruit of a cactus? I’ll find out. I can only ask so many questions of people before I start to become a pest. I’ve always been full of questions.IMG_3089

This place makes fresh pasta every morning so you can take it home and cook it. It looked absolutely delicious and by the look of the crowd of Italian women buying, it really is.


This isn’t at the market, but I had to include it! My friend in Florence, Candy Harrell, took this picture. Have you ever thought of decorating with radishes?

IMG_3373Fish freshly caught, just off the boat. She said that they put out the net in the evening, and pull the fish out in the morning. You can see the net in the back of the boat. I watched some men cleaning the nets after fishing, and they were throwing the little crabs back into the sea. I’ll end with that picture.


One thought on “Tuscan Outdoor Markets

  1. O Jeanie so good of God to give you the desires of your heart. I wish I were as courageous to fulfill at least one of my bucket list. I can just see you wide eyed big smile at all the sites you are seeing. I believe that will be contaigeous to those around you. Love you cheyrl lyall


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